Mumbai Tour – By Air

We arranged two day educational tour to Mumbai in which children got chance to visit places like- Gate way of India, Elephanta Cave, Haji ali Mosque, Sidhi vinayak temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, Kamlanehru Park, Hanging garden, Marine drive and Juhu beach. The also got a chance to see bungalows of famous actors like Shahrukh Khan, Amitab Bachchan,  Farhan Akthar and Sonam Kapoor. While staying at Muktjivan Swami Bapa Dharamshala, students were able to see “Antlia House” of Mukesh Ambani, which has total-27 store. Children really enjoyed the visit & came to know stories from Guide who helped them to be clear regarding why the places were made.

The visit was arranged on 7th and 8th December, 2019, for 24 students belonging to 14 Government Primary Schools namely Amnagar, Sankod, Kavla, Ramnagar,Fangdi, Goraj, Miroli, Chekhla, Ranmalgadh, Lodariyal, Daran, Popatpura, Bakrol and Chanakya.