Health is the state of physical, mental & social wellbeing besides absence of disease or infirmity. Good health is central to human happiness & wellbeing. Good health contributes to economic progress.

Like education, health is another prime factor that is essential. A healthy child grows well & if well-educated contributes to the society & nation. We offer various programmes to support rural health as well.

Health Hygiene Awareness Program

We, believe that health and Hygiene has direct effect on our happiness and livelihood. Health education plays an important role in the community hygiene. To prevent illness and have positive health attitude, correct and complete knowledge of health is necessary. We have conducted Health Hygiene Awareness Program in 41 schools and 5278 Children educated through this initiative.

Blood Donation Drive

You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives…

Finar Foundation associated with Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad and arranged many camps to support 850 thalassemia patients adopted by Indian Red Cross. Under our initiative called “Blood Donation Drive, we have arranged 14 camps and have collected more than 1000 units of blood. As it costs nothing but saves lives. We try to save many lives through this drive.


For good academic results health is also an important factor for students along with the study. The initiative of providing pure water in rural area will support to make students healthier. Under the movement to provide pure drinking water in the rural areas, Finar Foundation provide R.O. water purifier and water cooler to Government Primary Schools.

My Days

An initiative to address menstrual hygiene by providing sanitary napkin wending machine for the women in rural areas. Many girls and women faces challenges with managing their period safely. In rural areas still there are questions and queries related to this. To address the same, under an initiative called “My Days” Finar Foundation is providing a Sanitary Napkin Wending Machine in primary schools, from where village women can also have benefit of that.

Safe Circle

Finar Foundation has initiated a program to aware girl students about safe circle. We are presenting a video regarding the subject and explaining students about good touch, bad touch, how to protect in danger situations, etc… We discuss with students and ask them to recognize their safe circle people with the help of their parents or teachers.

International Yoga Day

Yoga is considered to be an old mental, physical and spiritual practice. Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine. To benefit the students of practicing Yoga, we arrange celebration of International Yoga Day every year in Primary schools.

International Women’s Day

We celebrate this day to make the women in rural area aware of importance of the day. Along with that we try to address some issues related to health, hygiene and malnutrition in presence of experts.

Aadhar Kit Dist

Adoloscent Girls Meeting

Blood donation camp @ Dabhoda

Blood donation during COVID19

Blood donation camp @ Factory

International Women’s Day

Sanitizer Dist

Blood Donation Drive


Niramay Camp

Pyaas Program at Palwada prathmik Shala