What We Do


Today, we live in a digital world that is changing rapidly. As we run at a fast pace, we have ignored a few important aspects which have turned into major issues now. To help with such issues, we have come forward with a friendly handshake and a warm extension of emotional support for families, youth and society.

We started our programmes with government primary schools where we supported underprivileged students by providing them various opportunities for overall growth.


Finar started working for pregnant women and kids from 01-06 years through the Finar Anganwadi project.

This is an honest effort to create a platform and dialogue with the rural women who is a mother, is ambitious but has limited knowledge and resources. Through various initiatives we offer knowledge based support for a better life.


We have worked on many initiatives and our relationship has moved from that of a CSR activity organizer to a close family.

Finar Foundation has an enthusiastic team committed to providing innovative, fun and challenging activities and initiatives which we call ‘honest efforts’.

Now our efforts in the second phase, will be to connect with communities & try to make them self-sustainable.