Finar Foundation has been acknowledged by

Managing Director, Tarasafe International Pvt Ltd

I have been observing the activities of FINAR Foundation since it's inception though not very closely. What appeals me is they have a dedicated team and Girish bhai works at the ground  level personally. He connects with the people and thoroughly enjoys the work.

Director, Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad Chapter

Indian Red Cross Society and Finar Foundation is having blood relation for last 10 years. We appreciate humanitarian approach and strong support of Finar foundation to Red Cross during  COVID pandemic and always.

Director, Aaria Bio- Lifesciences Research Pvt. Ltd.

Finar foundation, with its firm determination and a great team has managed to leave an imprint in all the spaces that it has taken its work to. The transformations that Finar Foundation is trying to bring about with their work in Education, Environment and blood donation drives, are definitely helping society become a better place. The team's dedication and deep penetration in their  sectors makes it easy to pledge my support to the causes taken up the team.

(Gujarat Kelavani Parishad, Ahmedabad)

ફિનાર ફાઉન્ડેશન કાર્ય કરી રહ્યું છે, શિક્ષણની ગુણાત્મકતા અને મુલ્યવત્તા પ્રગટ થાય એ માટે. એમાં સૌથી પ્રબળ અસરકર્તા શિક્ષકો છે. શિક્ષકો બદલાય તો બધું બદલાય. માટે શિક્ષકોના અભિગમને બદલવાનો પ્રયત્ન થાય છે. સાથે જ શૈક્ષણિક પ્રવૃત્તિઓ ઇષ્ટપૂર્ણ, હેતુપૂર્ણ અને ઉદ્દેશસાધક રીતે થાય એ માટે માર્ગદર્શન અને સહયોગ અપાય છે.

(Zonal Director, Narcotic Control Bureau, Ahmedabad)

Finar Foundation is doing great Job to support the society. They are also associated with Narcotic Control Bureau and providing administrative support to our imitative called "Healthy Campus".

(Scientist and State Evaluator in National Children’s Science Congress, Ahmedabad)

World is talking about Sustainability, India is thinking about Sustainability, but an organization like Finar Foundation is actually working towards implementing Sustainable solutions at grass-root level in most required sectors like education by exposing kids to this concept, who are tomorrow's citizens. It is an absolute pleasure for SciKnowTech to have associated with Finar Foundation for the noble cause of spreading the philosophy of "Experiential Learning of Science" to under-privileged kids. We salute the vision of Finar Foundation team trying to cultivate unique learning opportunities for rural kids.

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