Khoj Museum

KHOJ – Science + Art + Innovation 

KHOJ is one of its kind dynamic museum with ever changing exhibits. An interactive exhibit linking science with our daily lives through the medium of experiments, art and innovation; a direct window into the functionality of science phenomena.

KHOJ spurs innovation and enthusiasm amongst children by means of inquiry-based learning system in the form of various hands on activities and experiments which are essentially self-exploratory and fun in nature.  

KHOJ is an urban knowledge space promotes the idea to innovate, experiment and explore for everyone. 

KHOJ – Naranpura, Ahmedabad: 

The concept of KHOJ and the first museum was setup in the campus of Vedhshala, Naranpura in February 2018. This one of its kind museum, till now has hosted 9 exhibitions, few of them focusing on innovation, few on art and all connected to science. The main focus of the museum since last year is Sustainable development, thus focusing on the theme of environment. 

Since the year 2017, the museum has benefited more than almost 50,000 visitors and members and hosted several events and created several sub projects for promoting the concept of innovation and sustainability amongst students and visitors in a hands-on and experiential manner.

NEW KHOJ @ Riverfront (Under Nehru Bridge)

Gaining great response from the visitor group and constantly growing interest of the community members and students, a new KHOJ is being setup near the Riverfront. The KHOJ Riverfront too will be a dynamic hands-on museum. Under the museum, for the first year of its operation, it has been planned to focus on the key theme of Water and Environment, thus aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals. Along with this the museum will be displaying many new innovative ideas such as Science Café, Science Shop, IDEAS Lab, Student innovation display gallery and several other exhibits.

FINAR feels proud to partner with KHOJ for its Riverfront project. This initiative will surely create lots of opportunities for students to learn science, math, environment and other subjects interestingly where they will also get an opportunity to learn the subjects with the help of different experiments. 

Finar is super excited to partner with Khoj and serve students in the time to come.