Education – “The very basic need of any person to grow & become responsible.”

Finar Foundation has focused on students of government primary schools; those have a real need. Our specially designed initiatives create an environment where the child gains practical knowledge thru different means.

We strongly believe that Education improves personal lives and helps the society to run smoothly, it makes children capable to find solutions to their problems & achieve success in life.

Vidhya Aarambh

To make every student feel great about his first step towards learning and schooling we initiated the program called “Vidhya Aarambh”. We provide school kits to the students, one their first day of school. We start with a small ritual and students accepts the kit happily along with a determination of coming school regularly.

Innovation Outreach Program

To enhance student’s learning by enabling them to test classroom knowledge through related activities and experiments, the program was initiated with a support of ‘Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre’. Students are being taught about science and mathematics concepts and theories through games and activities.

Magic or Logic

To upgrade the understanding of fundamentals of science with experiments and activities. Dr. Megha Bhatt (A scientist) providing knowledge from a scientific view and proving the philosophy of Exposure leading to Experience.

Science Fair

In accordance to celebrate “National Science Day”, we every year arrange science fair on 28th February. We organize it for students of Government Primary Schools. This is an initiative is to motivate the creativity and efforts of children coming from rural areas.

Science Lab

To support science activities at school level we provide all the required materials, equipment and chemicals to primary schools. In the second stage of the initiative we are developing Science Laboratory in schools which will have all the facilities to get proper knowledge of science subject to the students of rural area.

Kaun Banega Knowledgepati (KBK)

An attempt to upgrade the general knowledge and level of presence of mind of the students. A gentleman, Mr. Narottambhai Chudasama is supporting us for the program. We have conducted many sessions in the schools and benefited many students with such interactive activity.

Memory Technique

To support effective learning and to improve mind power, which can be helpful to the students to achieve better results in their academics, a program is supported by Mr. Paresh Bhatt, an experienced trainer and motivational speaker. He discusses with students about different methods and techniques of improving memory.

English Learning

Understanding the importance of English as language and subject, Finar Foundation has initiated a program to offer fundamental knowledge on the subject “English” to the students in rural area. Ms. Sejal Shah a renowned educationalist and expert in subject is assigned for this project and with her help we are conducting successful programs in Government primary schools.

Makers Adda

Maker’s Adda is a project initiated by Mr. Sanjay Raval, principal of Chanakya Primary School in Ahmedabad. A classroom is provided for the students in the school to upgrade the creativity of students. Students use to make 10 models during the semester under the concept of learning by making. Finar Foundation has provided all the required materials for the Maker’s Adda and supported the cause.

Educational Tours

Educational tour develops socialization skills and spark new interests and passion. The motto behind these tours is to provide the learning environment which can help bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience. We arrange Educational tours for students to places like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Science City, Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Center and many more educational places.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are best to build up self-confidence and enhance skills of students along with their schooling. We arrange Summer camps every year in the month of April. Children are taught to make creative things from waste materials like Plastic bags, Plastic bottles, newspaper, etc. We also arranged a camp to teach the students about wall painting. In our last summer camp along with art and craft we taught some basic routine activities like how to take care of vehicles, basics of electrical and plumbing works, how to change regulator or bulb and some other house hold jobs.

3 in 1

Finar Foundation wanted an overall development of students in rural area. To provide professional learning to the students interested in Art, Music and Dance, we arranged selection process and by auditions students were selected from around 20 Government Primary Schools. The selected students are being trained under the experts and the will continue for a year.


It is a program to provide a stage to the students in rural areas to showcase their skills in a cultural events. We organized an Annual Function for 14 schools in Sanand Taluka in March 2018. By this initiative the students were given an opportunity of learning and show casing their talent.

Model Rocketry Workshop

To generate an interest in to learning of functions of model rockets and their working, the program is being run with support of Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Center. Students enjoy assembling their own rockets and launching the same.


In the far most rural areas, where the caste restriction refrains a girl child to study further, Finar Foundation extends the support and ensure their higher education. Under the project 10 Laadali’s are adopted for their further studies.


Under the program earlier we were providing scholarship to encourage students with promising academic records and to support for higher education. From the academic year 2018, we encourage boy students who are economically less capable to study further in underprivileged areas.

Teachers’ Training

An effort to discuss the issues faced by teachers and to improve the qualities of the teachers. We arrange trainings on subjects like Public speaking and interaction with students, harmony with students and improve communication. They are also motivated by the professional to deliver best in their profession.

Toy Bank

Playtime is one of the most fundamental parts of childhood development and toys are basic instruments for the development of children’s fantasy, thoughts and creativity. We started the initiative on 2nd October 2015. We use to collect unused toys from the society, repair or refurbish it and provide to underprivileged children.

Science Fair

Summer Camps

Toy Bank

Vidhya Aarambh

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Science City Visit

Baal Diwas Celebration at Fangdi Prathmik School

Book Fair

Child rights training at Ganatar

Educational Tours

Health Hygiene and Awareness Program

Kaun Banega Knowledgepati (KBK)

Khoj visit

Kite Festival

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